#BuzzLine Contest: Wrap up the Holidays in Six Words

Home-AloneMany people approach the holiday season excited about a few weeks of rest and relaxation. For them, things slow down at work or school, and they immerse themselves in holiday cheer as they rejoice with friends and family. What a beautiful sight – loved ones relaxed around a crackling fireplace, sharing nostalgic tales over a glass of warm cider.

Others proceed with caution. Stressors could include but are not limited to: travel, the overwhelming number of holiday parties or the gift exchange with that one aunt who always has a few too many glasses of wine.

For PR communicators, though, the holiday season is a bit unpredictable. Whether responding to last minute media inquiries or being on-call for crises, you never know when your phone might be ringing. Plus, wrapping up projects by year end takes determination and teamwork. Speaking of teams, where is everyone?

Maybe it’s not always that hectic, but finding time to shop can be a challenge.

If you could make a prediction, what six-word phrase do you think will embody your holiday season this year?

Some lines I wouldn’t be surprised to hear:

Wrap up your holiday season in a six-word comment below or on any of our social media accounts and you might win a $25 Target gift card. And yes, re-gifting is totally acceptable.

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