BuzzLine: Be the Next “Between Two Ferns” Sensation!

Between two what? Ferns?

I’m out of the loop, but President Barack Obama isn’t. He appeared Tuesday on the apparently wildly popular web show to push

The appearance received mixed reviews. Many praised it. Many did not.

uwK3b09HRC6FtUYQs6v5_curtainFrom a measurable marketing standpoint, however, a 40% increase in referral traffic to the target website is a success, right?

Now, for this week’s BuzzLine, what would make you a success on Between Two Ferns? What would send your appearance on the show viral across the interwebs?

For a cup of coffee at Starbucks next week, tell us in six words why you should be Zach Galifianakis’ next guest.


Just leave your six-word pitch in the comments section below. If we think your six words are worthy of Mr. Galifianakis’ time, we’ll send you a SBUX gift card.

Good luck and thanks for playing! And congrats to last week’s winner Josh Munson! Hope Uncle Sam helps you get on the river, Cuz.

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