BuzzLine: Brainstorm or Brain Fog?

BrainstormYou’ve sent out a meeting request, confirmed there’s time left in your budget, organized your notes and ideas and briefed your team. You’ve done all the right things to prepare for an active and productive brainstorming session but the whiteboard remains blank.

We all understand the importance of hosting a dynamic brainstorming session – it helps collect different viewpoints, builds a team mentality, and most importantly gets you out of your own head – but there’s always something holding back those million-dollar ideas.

So how do you open up the creative dam to let the idea river flow? Many people have chimed in to offer their tips on how to deal with dominators, encourage non-contributors, break the awkward silence, generate fresh ideas etc., but we want to hear your ideas because, hey, that’s the point of a brainstorm right?

Tell us in exactly six words your best tactic for organizing the most inspiring brainstorm session to date.

Not to dominate the conversation or anything, but for me, it’s:

–          Play and brainstorm with a puppy

–          Work outside – fresh air and ideas

–          Bring some pizza…everyone loves pizza

The most inspirational tactic will win a Starbucks gift card. It won’t make brainstorming any easier, but it will give you a drink with enough caffeine to wake up yourself…and your teammates!

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