Bringing Data to Life: How to communicate food & nutrition research to gain media attention

Co-authored by Joanne Tehrani, RD

As marketers of food and beverage products, we often have the privilege of communicating newly published research with implications in consumer health and nutrition. When the research is sound, and the messaging effective, this can make a major impact on awareness and behavior. Look at blueberries –awareness of their health benefits has doubled over the past decade, and consumption continues to rise. But translating scientific research into media- or consumer-friendly information isn’t as simple as it sounds. Below are several key learnings we’ve gleaned through the years:

Think like a storyteller – Food and nutrition research is only as compelling as the way you present it, so before you release the results of a new study, consider the following:

Engage with illustrations – Just because it’s data doesn’t mean can’t be engaging! Here are a few ways to add color to your research-based communications:

Above all, do your homework

With a well thought-out and informed approach to message development, packaging and presentation, your research findings will be set up to succeed in the eyes of media and the minds of consumers.

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