Barcelona Principles 2.0: PR Measurement Updates

Leading PR organizations recently unveiled updated Barcelona Principles, called the Barcelona Principles 2.0.

What are the Barcelona Principles?

Five years ago, the industry rallied around the Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles, agreeing to the first overarching framework for effective PR and communication measurement. The original set of Principles focused more on “what not to do,” while the updated Principles provide more guidance on “what to do,” in order to unite the ever-expanding media landscape into a transparent, reliable and consistent measurement and evaluation framework.

So how have these Principles been revised?


How do these revisions affect what we do?

The public relations industry has largely moved away from impression-based measurement. PadillaCRT supports this movement and the Barcelona Principles, which serve as a guide for media measurement in the public relations industry. The one principle with greatest substance is our agreement not to use Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) to measure our public relations work. AVEs do not take into account the fundamental value of different communication channels.

Overall, goal setting and measurement are key to any successful campaign. Be sure that your goals and measurement are clearly outlined at the beginning of any campaign – this will ensure that you are able to measure success or readjust along the way if needed.

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