Are Booze Delivery Apps Worth the Buzz?

Apps like Seamless and Uber make it easy to get takeout from your favorite Thai restaurant or a ride across town.

Alcohol delivery itself isn’t entirely a new concept, but now startups are making it as simple to get a bottle of Pinot Noir delivered to your door all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

These alcohol delivery apps service major cities that typically don’t have shortage of nearby liquor stores like New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.  They are also for those who are of age of course.

Are the users of these apps lazy boozers with extra income? They must be to pay the steep prices for some of the services like delivery fees, tip, taxes and sometimes a higher marker up on bottles.

Here are a few apps hoping you’ll use them during the next polar vortex:

The Minibar app offers wine, spirits and mixers delivery to your door in under an hour in New York. It also offers advice on what to buy if you’re making a large group order. All they need to add is an option to split a tab.

In Los Angeles and San Francisco, Saucey claims to be the only alcohol delivery app with its own drivers who are trained and certified by Saucey instead of a “random liquor store employee.” So you won’t feel bad for drinking, Saucey donates a percentage of profits from every bottle sold to Charity Water, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to developing countries.

Boston-based Drizly has possibly the greatest coverage in six cities including Denver and Chicago. In terms of the three-tier system of alcohol distribution, Drizly claims it is designed to uphold the three-tier system while bringing value to each tier.

The expanded distribution of alcohol delivery apps to new cities goes to show that these apps may be around for a while. Plus, it may be nice to have this in your back pocket the next time you run out of booze at your next party.


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