An Unexpected Brand Opportunity After Dark

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According to recent studies from Yale University, UV damage continues even in the dark. This means that despite your rigorous suncare routine, your skin is still at risk for skin cancer long after the sun’s gone down. As if we didn’t have enough problems convincing people to wear sunscreen between 10am-2pm, we’re now faced with telling consumers they need to reapply even after they’ve gone inside.

To say this will be a challenge is an understatement. Case in point: only 14.3 percent of men and 29.9 percent of women regularly use sunscreen. Oh, and only 5.3 percent reapply their sunscreen during the day, every day.

Buzz Bin Post 7.23
Quite hysterically representative of my two clients: Coppertone and Prosciutto di Parma.

But is it a challenge worth considering? And is this study enough to get the wheels rolling in the R&D labs? I think it should be, and here’s why:

Want to get the scientific skinny behind this new finding? Check out this video from the Yale study’s co-author, Professor Douglas E. Brash:

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