An Inside View of Health Care Public Relations

Graduating from college and applying for your first job is generally a stressful milestone, but as the pandemic lingers on and work environments shift, it adds an unprecedented challenge that recent college graduates now must maneuver. Meeting coworkers virtually and learning the ins and outs of the industry from an at-home desk instead of a bustling agency setting are only a couple of the obstacles that newcomers must learn to navigate. Over the last year with a global pandemic and a reemerging social justice movement, coming into the health care space as a young professional looks a “little” different.

As recent college grads, we got to experience these changes firsthand. Bethany graduated in May 2020 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with her last semester unexpectedly cut short. She graduated in her living room, not from the historic Camp Randall Stadium she was looking forward to for four years. Rosa experienced more than a full academic year of online classes and lead the University of Minnesota’s PRSSA chapter meetings 100% virtually. When sharing industry insights with new, young members, she could mainly speak to one industry experience – one without masks and Zoom meetings.

Despite the added challenges of the past year, we feel privileged to have entered one of the fastest growing and constantly evolving industries. As we’re still new professionals learning the ropes of the health care industry, we were curious to find out what our health team members had to say about the health care space and the impact that this last year has had on our roles as health care PR professionals.

A few members shared some key takeaways from the health care industry, as well as some tips and advice for new health care PR professionals.

Key Takeaways from the Health Care Industry:

Top Tips for New PR Professionals in Health Care:

Co-authored by Bethany Henneman

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