7 End of Year Communication Tips to Engage & Inspire Employees into 2015

It’s the end of the year, and as 2014 comes to a close, this is the perfect time for you to start putting together your company’s final communication to employees that will end the year with a bang.

This is your opportunity to engage, inform and inspire employees as we ring in a new year and remind them of the milestones and achievements accomplished over the past year.

For large companies that have a dispersed workforce, employees may not realize what other areas of the company accomplished. For organizations going through lots of change, this is an opportunity to shine a light on a positive subject and remind employees what they accomplished when faced with challenges.

Here are 7 tips, tricks and bits of advice to create your 2014 end of year communication and start 2015 on a high note:

1. Tie Accomplishments Back to Your Company Goals

Every organization develops goals and works toward its mission each year. Show your organization that what you’ve accomplished is in line with the goals set. This will not only reinforce the goals with employees but will give them a sense of pride

2. Create an Infographic

Highlight your milestones and achievements in a creative way with an infographic. This is also a great option for employees who don’t have a company email. Print out the infographic and post it around the facility for those employees to enjoy.

3. Distribute a Message from the CEO

Maybe your organization is small and doesn’t have the budget for an infographic. Start off simple by distributing a message from the CEO that congratulates employees on their accomplishments. This is a great opportunity to bring humanity to your communications and show genuine care from your top leader.

4. Provide a Roadmap for the Beginning of 2015

This is your opportunity to provide an overview of what 2015 might look like. Details aren’t necessary, but you can at least give a high-level overview of what employees can expect in the coming year.

5. Include One Milestone or Achievement from Each Area of the Company

Don’t forget to highlight all of the great work across your company and not just the corporate headquarters. While the majority of your workforce may work in one or two locations, the other locations should be included to ensure equitable recognition.

6. Film a Video

If your company really wants to kick off 2015 with a bang, create a video. This video can include b-roll from other videos of milestones and accomplishments and a message directly from the CEO, who may not get face time with a dispersed workforce.

7. Great Place to Work Results

Every organization strives to be a Great Place to Work. Use analytical data to show that the company has listened to its workforce and is making the necessary changes to improve employee morale and satisfaction.

The year end is your opportunity to engage and build up employees’ passion and excitement for 2015. Don’t let this be a missed opportunity. Remember, as long as it goes out before January 1, it is an end of year communication. Cheers to all your achievements in 2014 and your awesome closing communications! Now get excited and start writing.


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