5 Pinners To Follow If You Work in Wine PR


By Laura Petrosky (@chronic_ally)

Pinterest has turned into a social hotspot for home, food and fashion brands since its launch three years ago. Roughly 48 million users strong (that’s over 340 times the size of Napa), wine professionals would be fools not to look into the potential of this fertile social terroir.

Yet, it still is mainly untapped. While Twitter is still the best platform to build following as an individual (think sommeliers and wine critics), the potential for brands, regions, wine festivals and media outlets is almost unlimited.


As I am writing this post, I am looking at a quite modest crop of inspiring examples when it comes to wine Pinners. Why? One may say that wine is a hard thing to visually translate to Pinterest.

The five Pinners I recommend that you follow prove that theory wrong. They all look beyond the rim of the wine glass and serve daily inspirations that wine lovers are thirsty for. Truth be told, many more wine industry professionals need to leverage the potential of Pinterest, but the folks below are a good start and have at least one board that truly stands out.

1. Food & Wine Magazine

Beautiful photography makes this Pinterest account a delight to look at. While I am missing a dedicated wine pairings board, the wine cocktails board boasts great ideas for the wine lover. Rosé, grilled grapes and brandy, anyone?


2. WinePoynt

The smartphone app Wine Poynt goes beyond promoting its services and entertains with a couple of fun boards. “To Hide our Wine Stains” features fashion finds in plum and rich reds, and “Stuff We made While Drinking Wine” depicts DIY projects gone horribly wrong.


3. Reverse Wine Snob

Exploring the world of inexpensive wines under $20, wine blogger Jon Thorsen has made the leap to Pinterest. A group board called “Share your fav wine” asks fellow Pinners to do exactly that, and has garnered over 4,300 pins from other users. Two thumbs up for engagement!

4. Wine Sisterhood

The online community for women to talk about wine, food, travel, style and entertaining has carved out a space for themselves in the niche of “women and wine.” Boards with images of their regular meet-ups are next to pins about Women’s History Month; International Women’s Day and, of course, wine. Wine Sisterhood’s funny quotes (created for their own brand Middle Sister Wines) regularly earn repins from me.


5. Wine.com

Online retailer Wine.com has a handful of cool boards, including one for “Election Day Wines.” My favorite board is called “Our Favorite Cocktail Napkin Sayings” and features fun wine quotes. While many wine Pinners share humorous content, the name of this board intrigued me, as it has potential for more serious quotes, too.

If you are looking for Pinterest boards to follow, The Huffington Post has a weekly column called “Pinners to Follow” (they have yet to write one about wine).

Do you know of inspiring wine industry Pinners or boards? If so, please post the link to the Pinterest page in the comment section.

Happy Pinning!

[Images courtesy of Mrs.BremersK, Food & Wine Magazine, Wine Poynt, Middle Sister Wines)

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