5 In 5: Turkey Pillow, First Rescue Dog, Beyoncé x Peloton x HBCU’s, UPS, IG Redesign

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1. Turkey Pillow

Arby’s created a deep-fried turkey pillow to cushion your head after you fall in to your Thanksgiving food coma. Why should you care? The turkey pillow/hat hybrid launched in conjunction with Arby’s limited time turkey offerings and came complete with its own infomercial. It sold out within minutes when it dropped over the weekend, but customers can still enter to win one via a website aptly named ‘ArbysDeepFriedTurkeyPillow.com.’ We knew the holidays were going to look a little different this year, but Arby’s is taking it to the head – literally. [AdAge]

2. First Rescue Dog

President-Elect Joe Biden’s German Shepherd will be the first rescue dog to ever live in the White House. Why should you care? 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has been without a dog for the last four years, but that’s about to change as the president-elect is bringing not one, but two German Shepherds – Champ, and his rescue, Major. This isn’t their first time in the spotlight however, as they made a cameo in Biden’s election campaign in a bid to, “bring dogs back to the White House.” [People]

3. Beyoncé x Peloton x HCBU’s

Beyoncé just announced a multiyear partnership with Peloton. Why should you care? Along with Beyoncé-soundtracked classes, in typical Queen Bey fashion, there’s a social initiative aspect to the partnership as Beyoncé and Peloton will also be gifting students across 10 Historically Black Colleges & Universities two-year digital memberships. They hope to encourage students to stay healthy and fit – and to help them embrace their own wellness regimens. In a time where most of us will be stuck indoors again with another lockdown looming, Queen Bey’s classes couldn’t have come at a better time. [Harper’s Bazaar]

4. UPS

UPS has ended their ban on beards and natural Black hairstyles. Why should you care? Along with these changes, they are also lifting rules on gender-specific regulations, like length of uniform shorts. “These changes reflect our values and desire to have all UPS employees feel comfortable, genuine and authentic while providing service to our customers and interacting with the general public,” UPS said in a statement. From emojis to hairstyles, 2020 and beyond is beginning to look a little more inclusive – and hairy. [CNN]

5. IG Redesign

Instagram’s home screen redesign is putting Reels front and center. Why should you care? Alongside Reels on the landing, will be Shop – another feature that Instagram has been constantly tinkering with in an effort to monetize the platform and get businesses to spend more time (and money) on it. This change speaks volumes about Instagram wanting to keep up with its competitor Tik Tok and staying relevant while keeping investors at Facebook happy by bringing in the dough. Whether they’re successful or not, remains to be seen. [Mashable]

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