5 In 5: Stranger Things, Cleveland Guardians, Peppa Pig, Cool List, AthletaWell

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1. Stranger Things

What’s Up: ‘Stranger Things: The Experience’ is coming to NYC. Why We Love It: An “adventure experience” intended to immerse fans in the world of the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things” is coming to New York and San Francisco in spring 2022. We are seeing more and more IRL experience from brands begin to take shape as we slowly emerge back into a world where “immersive” becomes a fun word again. [NY POST]

2. Cleveland Guardians

What’s up: Cleveland is changing its team name from Indians to Guardians after the 2021 season. Why we love it: In their continuing evolution – that started with long overdue dropping of Chief Wahoo – Major League Baseball and the Cleveland team announced it would stop using the team name — the Indians — and replace it with the Guardians. Changing names is an important first step in a growing world where people are holding brands accountable for what they represent. [ESPN]

3. Peppa Pig

What’s up: Peppa Pig, a pandemic favorite, has American children acting British. Why we love it: The kid angle is one thing, but if you are a parent there is a chance you’ve read a Peppa Pig book with a British accent. So now the whole family can talk more about petrol stations and mince pies. [WSJ]

4. Cool List

What’s up: Because everyone wants to get inside the minds of Gen-Z, the Strategist polled 100 teens to see what they deem cool enough to spend their money on. Why we love it: We love it because at heart we are still want to be a teenager (and act like it at times) – this list will help us achieve just that, or at least guide us away from purchasing anything Gen-Z deems “cheugy.” [The Strategist]

5. AthletaWell

What’s up: Simone Biles’ brand partner Athleta launches a women’s wellness platform, AthletaWell. Why we love it: Athleta, the Gap Inc. company repped by Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, on Wednesday announced the debut of AthletaWell, a digital wellness platform geared toward women’s physical and mental well-being and community. The way brands are responding to support Simone Biles (and other athletes like Naomi Osaka) and mental health is the real story of the Olympics. [Yahoo]

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