5 In 5: Sew Bros, Mother’s Day Opt-out, Style Tribes, Golden Globes Backlash, Modified Mosquitoes

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  1. Sew Bros

    What’s up: It’s official: the pandemic birthed the ‘sew bro.’ Why we love it: There were so many niche lifestyle trends that popped up in 2020 and this is just another one that we think is pretty fun. In this digital-first era, the fact that this trend is tactile makes it even more interesting and intentional. [i-D]


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2. Mother’s Day Opt-outs

What’s up: In a grief-filled year, brands from Etsy to Pandora let you opt-out of Mother’s Day emails. Why we love it: I know we’re a week late, but we loved the sensitive and inclusive voice some brands used around Mother’s Day – a day that can be emotional and painful for many. As our culture continues to move forward in an era of awakening with social justice issues, to communicate with compassion is always a good rule of thumb for any brand. [NPR]

3. Style Tribes

What’s up: The style tribes of TikTok. Why we love it: I guess we’re still stuck on the ‘sew bro’ thing which is a manifestation of a larger trend around ‘style tribes’ mainly found on TikTok. “Social-born aesthetics are certainly not new, but in the last year, they’ve captivated the masses,” said Cassandra Napoli, a strategist at the trend forecasting agency WGSN. “We applaud everything about this self-expression and communal support and are closely watching the evolution of ‘tribes.’” [MSN]

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4. Golden Globes Backlash

What’s up: NBC won’t air 2022 Golden Globes in rebuke to Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Why we love it: First off, if you want to read more, this is an interesting article on how the nominations for Netflix’s “Emily In Paris” led to Golden Globes backlash. Although the discussion around the role of race in media and the lack of true representation on and behind the screen(s) is not new – this strikes a different tone because we’re seeing actors give back their trophies and major studios cutting ties with the HFPA. [NPR]

5. Modified Mosquitoes

What’s up: Florida releases genetically modified mosquitoes in hopes to reduce spread of disease. Why we love it: Well, mainly because this sounds like the next Sharknado franchise in the making. But all joking aside, while our focus on COVID has been all-consuming this past year, an attempt to curb deadly diseases such as dengue, yellow fever and the Zika virus has our ears buzzing. [Reuters]

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