5 In 5: Lumber Mania, Corporate Millennial TikTok, Tiffany’s for Men, Local News Crisis, CVS x Mental Health

Each week, Padilla’s Insights + Strategy team stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you five stories that you can read in five minutes.

1. Lumber Mania

What’s up: Lumber mania is sweeping North America. Why we love it: For those fortunate enough to be building or renovating a house, this is emblematic of a larger mindset surrounding the refresh many people are seeking coming out of last year. Whether it’s a minor or large-scale project, edits to our surroundings benefit our mental, emotional and physical health. [Vox]

2. Corporate Millennial TikTok

What’s up: Young people are channeling the overwhelming anxiety of corporate millennial life into TikToks, using wit and dry humor to overcome toxic work culture. Why we love it: While we don’t love a toxic work environment, we do applaud the TikTok creators calling out any workplace culture that is contributing to stress, anxiety and mental health issues. Hustle culture is so passé and instead of celebrating the heavy workloads it’s time to start celebrating a healthier workplace. [Medium]

3. Tiffany’s for Men

What’s up: Tiffany’s is selling men’s engagement rings for the first time. Why we love it: We would have loved this more a few years ago, but better late than never. As same-sex marriages continue to rise and gender fluidity takes hold in fashion, Tiffany’s is leaning into a developing market of inclusivity and acceptance. [CNBC]

4. Local News Crisis

What’s up: Local news is in a crisis and Twitter has a plan to help it survive. Why we love it: Not only was 2020 a pandemic crisis, it was a crisis of trust when it came to news media. But research shows that there is still a great deal of trust in local journalism. We’re welcoming Twitter’s plans to support the hashtag #FollowLocalJournalists and create local news conversation on Spaces to help battle misinformation and strengthen local journalism. [Mashable]

5. CVS x Mental Health

What’s up: CVS is piloting professional mental health services. Why we love it: Using its own internal data, CVS/Aetna found that when people address both their physical and mental health needs, they tend to spend less over time. It’s great to see the traditional role of the pharmacist evolve into mental health care as well. COVID pushed an ongoing mental health epidemic into the spotlight, and brands are taking note and taking action to become part of the solution. [Mashable]

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