5 In 5: Languishing, Fashion Renaissance, Grandpa Style, Social Good TikToks, Post-Pandemic Spending Spree

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1. Languishing

What’s up: Feeling blah during the pandemic? It’s called languishing – the emotion of the year. Why we love it: While we don’t love to be languishing, there is a cathartic sense of inclusivity knowing others are on this emotional journey of the pandemic. As we re-enter whatever normal looks like, the rise of mental health, personal care and self-compassion will be critical to address for each of us. [NYT]

2. Fashion Renaissance

What’s up: Working from home has changed wardrobes all around the world. Why we love it: We talked about this in our latest Top Trends report under the Slow Movement trend. From dressing from the waist up to the rise of athleisure, this past year has been a fashion renaissance. While Italians found comfort in knitwear and others (40+ crowd) continued to dress as if they were going into the office – what will stick will most likely be a mashup that lands somewhere between those beloved pleated khakis and the elevated joggers we wear every day. [NYT]

3. Grandpa Style

What’s up: 20-somethings are dressing like senior citizens. Why we love it: I’ma take your grandpa’s style, I’ma take your grandpa’s style. No for real ask your grandpa can I have his hand-me-downs? It took a global pandemic for Macklemore’s style to take root. Thanks to Instagram accounts like @Gramparents and books like ‘Chinatown Pretty,’ millennials and Gen-Z are beginning to appreciate their gray-haired elders’ fashion sense. Add this into the fashion renaissance blender we’re in and we can’t wait to see what comes out of it. [WSJ]

4. Social Good TikToks

What’s up: ATTN: lands deal with TikTok to produce social good videos. Why we love it: No question the rise of social justice content has skyrocketed as brands find their voice and agenda in this new era of social change. ATTN: is a digital media company that focuses on social change content and is going to produce videos for a new initiative called “TikTok for Good.” ATTN:’s sweet spot — tackling social issues through entertaining videos — has caught the attention of tech platforms looking to engage younger audiences that are more civically active than previous generations. [AXIOS]

5. Post-Pandemic Spending Spree

What’s up: The post-pandemic spending spree has begun. Why we love it: NYT recently wrote about the YOLO Economy and as people begin to emerge post vaccinations and stimulus checks hit bank accounts, there is a growing sense of wanderlust shaping purchasing habits. We’re all good with how people see us from the waist-up, but now the buying patterns are shifting to include what we wear on the lower half (e.g. skirts, shoes, jeans), getting rid of stubble (shaving kits) and celebrating (champagne). Sales at retailers soared by about 103% in the U.S. for the four-week period ended April 3 compared with the same period a year ago. [CNBC]

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