5 In 5: Indoguration, Crocs’ Sales Soar, Netflix in 2021, Apple REJI, Indonesia Influencers

Each week, Padilla’s Insights + Strategy team stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you five stories that you can read in five minutes.

1. Indoguration

President-elect Joe Biden’s rescue dog, Major, is getting his own “indoguration” ceremony. Why should you care? Hosted by Major’s former home, the Delaware Humane Society, you can join in on the festivities virtually by making a small donation. Participants can also nominate their dogs to be part of Major’s Cabinet as the “Secretary of Rescue Dogs.” We’re all in need of a little bit of good news around these parts and if there’s anything that can bring people together, it’s dogs. [CBS News]

2. Crocs’ Sales Soar

In the year of COVID, sales for Crocs have been soaring. Why should you care? “Amidst a global pandemic in 2020, we will deliver the strongest revenue in Crocs’ history,” Crocs CEO Andrew Rees said in a statement. “Our brand momentum is exceptional, and we anticipate another record year in 2021.” The company expects to see a sales increase of over 12% in 2020 and it attributes the spike in sales to consumer casualization as everyone has chosen comfort and ease while stuck at home during the pandemic. [CNN]

3. Netflix in 2021

Netflix plans to release new films every week in 2021. Why should you care? We know Netflix’s content can sometimes be hit or miss, but this year’s film slate includes big names like Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, Halle Berry, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Amy Adams – among many others. As movie studios struggle with fallout from the pandemic including theater closures and production delays, it seems as though Netflix is well-positioned for this exact moment. And as everyone has become a part of the ‘Netflix and Chill’ crowd– it is a welcome bit of good news. [Variety]

4. Apple REJI

Apple has unveiled more specific plans for its $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI)  previously announced last June. Why should you care? The initiative includes the launch of the Propel Center in Atlanta, a learning hub for HBCU and an Apple Developer Academy in Detroit for individuals considering a career in app development. Additionally, Apple has invested $10 million into Harlem Capital – a venture capital firm that focuses on funding for companies with diverse founders – for the next 20 years. In the wake of George Floyd and protests this last year, companies are looking to advance racial equity not just on a temporary basis, but long into the future by investing in Black youth and communities. [Mashable]

5. Indonesia Influencers

Instagram influencers are receiving vaccine priority in wary Indonesia. Why should you care? Along with health care workers, Indonesia is prioritizing Instagram influencers as an intentional government communications strategy. Though they face the most severe coronavirus outbreak in Southeast Asia – the COVID-19 vaccine has been met with skepticism. As conspiracy theories and misinformation about COVID-19 runs amok on social media, Indonesia is hoping that influencer collaboration will help to change public opinion about the safety of the vaccine. [Reuters]

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