5 In 5: Hamilton x GOTV, Comforting Words, Pantone, Culturally Sensitive Halloween, Doomswiping

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1. Hamilton x GOTV

The Hamilton cast re-imagined the show’s lyrics to promote voter registration day. Why should you care? In partnership with Michelle Obama’s nonprofit, When We All Vote – the Hamilton cast performed the re-imagined songs for a virtual voter turnout event. The original lyrics about the founding fathers were instead replaced with messaging about voter participation – laying out what’s on the line and the importance of casting your ballot this election. In a sea of bad news, it’s nice to see something like the Hamilton crew using their voices to encourage young voters to use theirs. [NPR]

2. Comforting Words

A Brooklyn pizzeria, Vinnie’s, added something new to their menu – comforting words. Why should you care? For just a buck, a Vinnie’s delivery person will offer you comforting words to go along with your pizza. Times are weird and uncertain, but maybe the ability to order ‘positive reinforcement’ as a side dish to go along with that pizza you’ll be crying into later – was just what the doctor ordered. [Mashable]

3. Pantone

Pantone launched a new shade of red in hopes of ending the menstruation stigma. Why should you care? The new shade of red – appropriately named ‘period’ – is part of a campaign to remove the shame associated with periods and embolden people to feel proud of who they are. Pantone partnered with Intimina, a Swedish feminine products brand, to create the bold hue. And in conjunction with the campaign, Intimina also will be donating to ActionAid – a charity working with women and girls living in poverty. Here’s to hoping everyone will be seeing red, but in a much better light. [The Guardian]

4. Culturally Sensitive Halloween

Pinterest is working to make this Halloween season more culturally sensitive. Why should you care? Pinterest has been banning the promotion of culturally insensitive costumes since 2016, but they’re taking it a step further this year with the inclusion of guides on how to celebrate Halloween thoughtfully and respectfully and allow users to report inappropriate costumes. We may be missing trick-or-treating, haunted houses and Peeps this year, but we’re happy to say goodbye to stereotypical images on Pinterest Halloween inspo boards. [Mashable]

5. Doomswiping

‘Doomswiping’ has become the latest pandemic coping mechanism. Why should you care? Earlier this year, we were introduced to ‘doomscrolling’ – the act of scrolling endlessly on all your feeds and absorbing the news of the day – which for 2020 was more likely than not, tragic and depressing. Now we’ve entered the  ‘doomswiping’ phase – the same idea, but only on dating apps. This past month, Tinder beat out Netflix and Disney+ as the third-highest grossing app, but with dating in a pandemic seeming nearly impossible with social distancing rules – why the rise in popularity? According to a survey, users are swiping as an escape routine and we really don’t blame them for wanting to opt out of a world that seems a bit scary right now. [The Hustle]

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