5 In 5: Halloween Returns, Pumpkin Hugs, Sales BOOm, Scary Good, Edible Tricks

Padilla stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you five stories that you can read in five minutes. This week, we’re sharing a 5 In 5: Halloween edition.

  1. Halloween Returns 

What’s up: Dr. Anthony Fauci says, ‘Go out there and enjoy Halloween.’ Why we love it: A year ago, Fauci advised against trick-or-treating and gathering in large groups due to COVID-19. Thanks to vaccinations, the spooky season is rebounding. We love that die-hard Halloween enthusiasts can once again celebrate safely going door-to-door, especially if you’re vaccinated and your costume includes a mask. [Yahoo

  1. Pumpkin Hugs 

What’s up: A California farmer treats his prized pumpkins like family. Why we love it: With tender loving care, and maybe a touch of full moon magic, Leonardo Urena grows giant pumpkins from “golden seeds” that end up weighing thousands of pounds. His secret to success may lie in treating them like family with hugs and confidence-boosting conversation. [The Guardian

  1. Sales BOOm 

What’s up: Consumers are going big this Halloween season. Why we love it: See #1. Halloween is back – and that’s great news for retailers and confectioners. Sales of Halloween candy, costumes and decorations have increased by 20% from last year. Just one piece of advice: don’t procrastinate on shopping for your costume as many parts of the country are experiencing inventory shortages and shipping delays. [Insider

  1. Scary Good 

What’s up: Brands are also celebrating the return of Halloween with products inspired by the spooky season. Why we love it: This round-up of creepy marketing campaigns includes a limited edition “Tomato Blood” Heinz ketchup, a nostalgic 50th anniversary reunion of General Mills Monster Cereals and glow-in-the-dark Nikes in Halloween-y colors. [Outbrain

  1. Edible Tricks 

What’s up: Parents are forewarned about marijuana edibles that could be mistaken for kid-friendly Halloween treats. Why we love it: No, we don’t love worrying about “look-alike” candy or snacks containing THC that could be fatal to children, but we do appreciate the warnings issued from several state attorneys general ahead of the Halloween weekend. Wishing you a safe and happy Halloween! [NPR

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