5 In 5: Chipotle Cuffing Menu, Gap Khakis, Free Thanksgiving Dinner, Hefty Party Parkas, Ugly Sweater Snacks

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1. Chipotle Cuffing Menu

Dating during a pandemic is a challenge, to say the least. Chipotle’s new menu encourages virtual love connections starting with burritos. Why should you care? The limited-time menu drew its inspo by “cuffing season,” a time when singles start seeking short-term companionship during colder winter months. Chipotle is partnering with the dating app Hinge and UberEATS delivery to offer “The Day Date” or “The Date Night” menu items. We love the creative partnership between these apps – and the answer to “How did you guys meet?” for couples who make it past cuffing season. [CNN]

2. Gap Khakis

Sales of Gap khakis spiked following MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki wearing them around-the-clock while covering the presidential election. Why should you care? Kornacki was among the on-air reporters dubbed as “Chartthrobs” by fans on Twitter and made People’s Sexiest Men Alive list. As a stressed out and sleep-deprived nation, there’s a small comfort knowing that a basic pair of khakis can bring us together – at least for some retail therapy. [The Hill]

3. Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Walmart teamed up with Ibotta, the cash back app, to bring free Thanksgiving dinners to families. Why should you care? A survey by Ibotta revealed that “more than one-third of Americans will spend less on Thanksgiving this year due to tightened budgets.” With this holiday offer, you can shop nine traditional Thanksgiving dinner items at Walmart, and Ibotta will give you cash back. Sounds like a win-win to us. [9 News]

4. Hefty Party Parkas

Hefty is taking the traditional holiday ugly sweater party outdoors. Why should you care? Hefty designed three “seriously ugly” parkas with some holiday fun features such as a fold-down cup holder, holiday lights and Bluetooth speakers. And a mitten Koozie to keep your digits warm while social distancing and enjoying your favorite beverage – from a Hefty party cup, of course. We’ll get on board – and out in the cold – for this clever concept. [CNN]

5. Ugly Sweater Snacks

Frito-Lay launched a holiday shop with branded merch like knit scarves, pom-pom hats and adult onesies. Why should you care? Not only is the brand bringing the “ugly sweater” aesthetic to snack-themed fashions this holiday season, it’s also donating up to $500,000 in shop proceeds to Toys for Tots. [Adweek]

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