4 Tips for Restaurants Hiring Gen Z

If the restaurant industry was a country, it’d be larger than 90% of the world’s countries’ economies, a whopping projected annual sale of $799 billion in 2017. Currently, there are over 1 million restaurant locations employing 14.7 million employees. One in 10 Americans currently work in a restaurant; 1 in 5 held a past restaurant job and 1 in 3 got their first job in a restaurant. (NRA Show 2017)

While the restaurant industry is a melting pot of generations, Gen Z is the one hitting the workforce by storm today. In fact, the restaurant industry is the economy’s largest employer of teenagers, as 1/3 of all working U.S. teenagers are employed in a restaurant, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For an industry facing a 72.9% employee turnover rate, it’s important for restaurateurs and managers to understand the driving forces behind their employees’ work ethic and learn how to manage and retain them. Here are four things you need-to-know about employing Gen Z:

As more Gen Zers enter into the workforce, restaurateurs, managers and employers will be able to identify and adapt their workplace to better fit the needs of this new generation. For now, it’s safe to say the new kids have entered the block!

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