4 Free Tools to Measure Your Instagram Success

You read Five Instagram Secrets for Health Brands  and you were inspired to start an Instagram for your brand. It seems to be going well so far; but how can you really measure your Instagram success?

Here are four free tools businesses can use to keep track of their Instagram success:

1. SumAll – I just started exploring this tool and it looks like the perfect tool for businesses looking to track their social success, find out which network is reaping more benefits, and how it’s affecting the bottom line. I’ll have to explore it some more but I definitely think this tool is worth trying out, for Instagram and more.

 2. Statigram – This tool is solely for Instagram and provides statistics such as the amount of photos you have, likes received, comments, followers, and more. I like how it shows you the photos with the highest engagement, the day and time that your users are most engaged, your most engaged followers, and your growth and loss in followers as well. You can even manage contests using this tool!

3. SimplyMeasured – This tool allows users to download analytics on different profiles for free as long as you agree to share a tweet to promote the company. You can download a detailed, and I mean detailed, Excel document that even shows you the engagement your photos have had outside of Instagram. The free analytics report is definitely worth sharing a tweet!

 4. Nitrogram – This tool shows engagement rates, statistics per photo, follower count, and the number of photos shared.

Regardless of which tool you choose, I think it’s important to measure and track your brand’s Instagram success. Tracking your account’s metrics and the engagement of your community can help you learn more about your audience, grow your existing followers, understand what your audience values, and convert your followers into loyal customers.

Do you use Instagram for your organization, brand or business? If so, what type of success have you had? Are there any other tools you’d recommended or important statistics you think brands should be tracking on Instagram? Please share!

A version of this post originally appeared on WaxingUnlyrical.com.

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