3 Reasons Why Your PR Team Should OWN Content Marketing

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working in PR is seeing it constantly evolve. Of course, media relations, crisis management and internal/external communications work will always be at the heart of what we do. But as our main communications channel, the internet, continues to change constantly, so does our role as PR professionals. The past few years, the PR industry has shifted toward content marketing.

Our clients are using marketing automation software, like Marketo and Eloqua, more and more to show how their campaigns drive leads and revenue. In turn, we’ve found our agency more embedded in the lead and demand gen world than ever.

And, we’re ready. As PR agencies, we know how to create dynamic, innovative content for our clients so their prospective customers will download and interact with it, moving them through the sales funnel more quickly.

If you want killer content, your PR team needs a seat at the table. Here are three reasons why:

1) We know your message, and we can articulate it better than anyone else. As the stewards of your voice and message, content marketing is the perfect fit for us. It’s our job to help create amazing content that prospective customers want to fill out contact forms to access. We know your audience. We know what they want to hear and how to communicate your messages to them most effectively.

2) We’re creative. We LOVE to brainstorm and, as your agency, we can offer so many different perspectives. What might have been an everyday white paper can turn into an engaging eBook. That infographic? Let’s make it interactive.

3) We play well with others. Now, when I say, we should OWN your content marketing, I’m not saying that you should just let your agency do it all. We need to work with your internal teams, and not just your communications team. We are measurement junkies. After the dark years of AVE and impressions, we love the fact that we can work with your marketing team to measure exactly how well our content is driving leads. We want to work with your web team to make sure everything is totally optimized for search. Put us all in a room, and let’s have some fun.

We’re ready. Are you?

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