3 Reasons to Enjoy Boozy Ice Cream (as if you need one)

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It’s mid-July and sweltering, so no matter where you live, you are either reading this outside and trying not to sweat all over your screen, or at work, freezing in the excessive air conditioning (wishing you were outside, sweating on your digital device). This would explain a recent trend I’ve noticed everywhere – boozy frozen treats.

If you’re looking for a new way to cool off at your next BBQ, or you just want to be everyone’s favorite house guest, here’s a tip. Bring some booze-infused ice cream. Your friends will be psyched for several reasons: (1) it’s delicious, (2) who doesn’t love boozy ice cream? and (3) it’s all the rage.

At the recent Fancy Food Show, many took note of the trend towards booze-infused specialty foods. One of my favorites is local ice cream cocktail brand Tipsy Scoop. We recently offered this to a group of uber-hip, 20-somes at a client event, and they literally went bananas. Maybe it’s the excitement of combining a childhood favorite with an adult favorite, or maybe booze makes everything better. Either way, I’m just saying their Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel will make your cloudy day bright.

f&wAt the Aspen Food & Wine Classic, the Pure Canada Maple team poured maple whisky snow cones with Tap 357 maple whisky and pure Canadian maple syrup over slushed ice. Needless to say, the line was long and even food celebrities like Gail Simmons and Food & Wine took note (#PRwin).

Around the country, ice cream cocktails and booze-infused frozen treats are a hot trend.  From the upscale San Francisco boutique Humphry Slocumbe serving “Negroni Grapefruit Pops” to Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s OddFellows Ice Cream Company launch of the Gin & Berry ice cream with gin and candied huckleberries, booze lovers are turning to these frozen delights.

Here’s a recipe forcoolhaus-ice-cream-sandos-1_Janelle Jones a do-it-at-home whiskey lucky charm ice cream sandwich, to really liven up those childhood favorites. You are welcome.



Image Credits: Huffington Post, Food & Wine, Gail Simmons, Janelle Jones on behalf of Munchies.com

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