3 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep it Fresh: Inspiration for Wine Advertisers

It’s a new year — the perfect time to create fresh, inspiring goals for your advertising campaign. If you are a seasoned advertiser, you know the challenges of making your brand stand out among a sea of wine bottle ads. Take a peek at any wine publication or website…it’s a sea of the same. Given we are all selling a similar product, what resolutions can we make in 2014 to freshen up our campaigns? Here are some thoughts to consider:

1. Look at Me, Look at Me!

Do you really need a photo of the wine bottle in the ad? Is there a dominant color pallet or other kind of brand-centric, eye-catching imagery that can be used instead? Renderings or memorable people that capture the essence of your brand? As an average wine consumer (yup, that’s me), wine bottle images tend to blend together and lack that strong impact. Creating a visually stunning, yet distinctive ad campaign will capture the attention of readers.

2. Seek New Adventures  

Sure, we know placement in print and online wine publications is a smart move. However, have you looked beyond the traditional outlets? Depending on your target audience, consider adding some lifestyle publications to the mix. Looking for urban hipsters? Try some fashion sites. Looking for foodies? Try some upscale cooking publications. How about suburban moms? Try some mommy blogs or recipe sites. Home, garden, travel, etc…there are endless possibilities to reach your target consumers. Just dig a bit.

3. Speak Up

Wine is wine, right? So WHY should consumers buy YOUR wine? Tell them why in your advertising. While your bottle and vineyard photo may be pretty, it doesn’t tell me why I should pick you. Choose the very best attribute(s) of your wine for your target audience, and write some compelling copy to shout it out. Perhaps it’s price point. Perhaps it’s food pairability. Amazing flavor, eco-friendliness, ability to create joy…whatever makes you stand out! Weave that message into all your ads for consistency.

These are just a few factors to consider in your revamped ad campaign. Of course, your advertising campaign must integrate with the other parts of your overall marketing campaign, but that’s another blog post!

So get cracking on those resolutions. Wishing you a successful 2014!

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