3 Must-See Infographics If You Work in Wine

By the end of January, I’ve usually read my fair share of trend reports and PR guidelines for the upcoming year. While the amount of forecasts is daunting, really good predictions are rare gems. Since we reigned in the New Year 22 days ago, I’ve seen a handful of infographics that are actually worth saving to your desktop, especially if you work in the wine industry.Here are my top three:

1. Food Matters

Food Matters
Eating and drinking go hand in hand. What’s on my plate will influence what’s in my glass, this year and in years to come. This infographic by thefoodpeople, a British agency specialized in global food trendspotting, is the most comprehensive one I’ve seen on the web. I like their approach of observing the entire lifecycle of trends, looking at emerging trends up to the year 2020.

Full infographic

2. Millenials Decoded

While Baby Boomers still drink the most wine, Millenials are catching up fast. Even though this infographic by the market research expert scarborough is already six months “old,” it provides great insight into what this age group is drinking and where they shop. Keeping up with Millenials is a tough job, so I appreciate good data that’s easy on the eye.

Full infographic

3. Timing is Everything

This infographic on the best days and times to post on social media channels stands out as it includes Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I’ve seen far too many infographics solely focused on Facebook and Twitter.

Full infographic

Have you come across a great infographic? Share it in the “comments” section.

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