3 in 3: Digital Trends

Padilla stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you three stories that you can read in three minutes.

1. The ‘romanticization’ of the return to office

What’s up? Gen-Zers who had a delayed start to working from the physical office due to the pandemic are enthralled with the novelty of the return to the office and have started posting about it on Tik-Tok. Why we love it: This trend shows how getting excited about something no matter how banal it may feel, can actually invoke positive feelings in yourself and others about the task. One office Tik-Toker told The New York Times that making Tik-Toks about her office life, “helped me on days when I didn’t want to go in.” [The New York Times]

2. Spotify Wrapped

What’s up? It’s that time of year again…snow on the ground, the smell of cookies in the oven, a general sense of joy and cheer in the year. That’s right, it’s Spotify Wrapped season. Why we love it: The article from the Guardian begs the question: why do we love seeing and sharing a visual representation of our music tastes? Well, that’s because our music taste is an individual choice which contributes to our sense of identity. As communicators, it is important to recognize that that the provocation of individuality and the agency of personal choice and expression are appealing and inspiring to people when sending a message. [The Guardian]

3. The AI chatbot

What’s up? The newly released AI-powered chatbot can provide “lengthy, thoughtful and thorough responses” that have stunned the public, academics, and tech industry professionals. Why we love it: as communicators and public relations professionals, what changes will this new advancement bring for us? Should we add the AI chatbot to our media lists? Maybe not yet. Despite its initial success, the chatbot still needs to work out some kinks. However, it is interesting to prophesize how this invention will affect the future of communication. [CNN Business]

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