3 in 3: BeReal, “Pointless” Goals, Snapchat’s Web Version

Padilla stands at the intersection of people, culture and brands to bring you three stories that you can read in three minutes.

1. BeReal’s Vibe Shift

What’s up: BeReal is a new social media app that has quickly climbed the charts into “one of the top 10 most downloaded free social networking apps for iPhones.” The app notifies users at random times of the day to post what they are doing, in a 2-minute window. Why we love it: BeReal separates itself from other social media platforms by focusing on authenticity. Much like the famous article from The Cut, “A Vibe Shift Is Coming,” the vibe shift predicts: “people want to make things personal again.” Social media fakeness has peaked- only sharing photos of staged selfies, good times with friends, or tropical vacationing, that are heavily edited and filtered, is just not the “vibe” anymore. BeReal has capitalized on this universal feeling, and we are here for it. [NBC News]

2. The Value of Pointless Goals

What’s up: The Atlantic recently published an article called, “In Praise of Pointless Goals.” The article is about how striving for and achieving “pointless” goals, or goals that are for personal enjoyment, and don’t translate into career success or wealth, can be beneficial for productivity in other areas of life. Why we love it: Our daily lives as communicators are filled with meaningful and impactful work. However, that doesn’t mean we are immune to burnout. Having personal goals and hobbies can help us recharge and boost creativity. So even though these goals may be “pointless” but they are invaluable to fulfilling our personal needs. [The Atlantic]

3. Snapchat Launches a Web Version

What’s up: Snapchat announced their launch of a web version of the app that would allow users to access the platform on a desktop or any other device that can access the web. The defining characteristics of Snapchat will stay the same despite this change, for instance, messages automatically deleting after 24 hours. The company hopes this change allows for more opportunity for video chatting. Why we love it: Snapchat is used primarily for communicating, and it will be interesting to see what effect, if any, this development has on communication. In today’s age of Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime, it’s no wonder Snapchat wants to be a part of the video chat takeover, since they have always focused on the intersection between a visual portrayal of the face as a message, or to include a message alongside a selfie. [TechCrunch]

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