3 Easy Facebook Insights Tips to Boost Engagement

Social media is the only place where you can interact with your brand’s advocates (and not-so-advocates) in real-time. But before you can engage effectively, you have to take a look at your page’s analytics. Here are three easy tips to improve your brand’s Facebook engagement by spending a little time in Facebook Insights.

1)      Know your Audience – Easy right? You’d be surprised. Head over to the “People” tab in Facebook Insights to learn more about your audience.

We’ve found that some of the brands we work with have very segmented audiences on each of their social network profiles. For instance, unlike typical Facebook demographics, one of our clients skews very heavily to boomers on Facebook. When we came on board, they were posting content without thinking about who they were reaching. By taking a quick peek at their insights to hone in on their target audience, we were able to make some simple changes to their content that already have yielded big results – doubling the organic reach in just a week without any paid support.

2)      Timing – Great news, no need to scour the internet anymore for stats about the best times to post on Facebook. Facebook Insights has made it much simpler to engage with your audience when they are actually online. Head over to the “Posts” tab to see exactly when your page’s fans are online and schedule your posts for around those times. If more of your fans are online, you’ll have the ability to reach more eyes.

3)      Competitor Benchmarks – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Well, kind of. Around here, we prefer to learn from our clients’ competitors, and then take it up a notch. Facebook Insights pulls five of your pages’ competitors in the “Overview” tab under “Pages to Watch.” Not only can you see how you are faring against similar pages, you can see their best performing posts and click right into their pages to scan through their content easily. Learn from what’s working and what’s not – and then see if you can apply your findings to your page to improve engagement.

How have you used Facebook Insights to boost engagement? Share in the comments below.

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