3 Booze Marketing Lessons the Suburbs Taught Me

After six years of the Big Apple grind, my husband and I relocated to the ‘burbs of Richmond, Virginia. Working in beverage marketing, I am fully aware this is media no-man’s-land. For nearly a decade, I had been so busy catering to major market influencers that I rarely thought about the best way to engage the other half of the country (aka, the more than 115 million people living in suburbia today).


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Luckily, smaller markets offer communication professionals great opportunity to score big and perhaps hit a homerun long enough to benefit activities in major markets and the overall marketing campaign at the same time.

Here are three marketing lessons I learned from suburban living:


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According to the Daily Beast, the next great American cities aren’t what we think. The most rapid growth takes place in smaller markets like Oklahoma City and Charlotte, outside of the great, dense, highly developed and vastly expensive old American metropolises. It’s time for marketers to see the potential outside the top 20 DMAs.

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