2020: Go Down Singing

Well, it’s certainly been a year. Hellacious, apocalyptic and even unprecedented – which is a word I’m fine never hearing again. Needless to say, we’ve all faced our share of challenges and that’s going to extend to the Holidays. But on the bright side, 2020 has no choice but to end – and that gives us extra reason to celebrate this Holiday Season.

In that spirit, Padilla invites you and yours to 2020: Go Down Singing, a virtual holiday concert featuring three musical acts performing genuine, funky, feel-good tunes exclusively for our community of clients, friends and families.

Inspired by classic holiday variety-show specials from less-waking-up-from-nightmarish years past, we’ll spread good cheer with Season’s Greetings from across the country and some other fun surprises.

Join from the comfort of your own home or doomsday bunker.

We hope “yule log on” to our YouTube channel and enjoy the event which will remain available through January 3, 2021.

It feels good just saying 2021…

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