2 Free Influencer Tools I Discovered in 2019 & Can’t Live Without

Influencer marketing has become a vital component of most brands’ social media strategy, but when it comes to getting started, everyone seemingly experiences the same struggle – finding the right influencers and understanding KPI’s and measurement. Not only do I get questions on these topics daily, but I too have struggled on occasion to find the best answers, even with purchased resources available. Fortunately, I found two *free* tools in 2019 that changed the game so much for me, I consider them to be absolute necessities in your social media toolkit.

1. Social Blade

Social Blade is essential for gathering key metrics and data on an influencer you’re considering working with. It provides detailed analytics on an influencer for all major social media platforms, illustrates historical growth through graphs, and even provides statistical summaries broken down by day. This is crucial for establishing expectations before beginning work with an influencer and can help inform goal setting at the start of your campaign. Social Blade also has a Chrome extension and mobile app, so it’s incredibly accessible and easy to use.

2. Influence.co

Influence.co is a user-friendly influencer database/search engine that’s completely free to use. Forewarning, it doesn’t have every influencer in existence on the platform, but it has a sizeable archive and it’s a great resource if you’re not looking to pay for a search tool. One of the biggest things that caught my attention about Influence.co, is that it’s the only platform (free or otherwise) I’ve ever used that allows you to search for Amazon influencers. Of course, this may not be relevant to all, but for me, finding Amazon influencers had been a daunting and nearly impossible task before I discovered Influence.co. Amazon doesn’t have a searchable database currently available and other influencer search tools have never been able to scan for this criterion, so it’s been a lifesaver to have, especially for free.

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