Virtual Hold Technology


Virtual Hold (VHT) creates “customer happiness” technology. Its software gives companies the power to automate return phone calls to customers that need service or support – eliminating the dreaded “waiting on hold” experience. As a niche technology working in vertical contact center segments, VHT needed to boost awareness with the right buyers.


To gain the attention of buyers in one key segment, VHT identified its top 40 prospects and we analyzed the personas of the buyers. We crafted a strategy to connect directly with these prospects with an engaging, interruptive mailer and complementary digital assets.


Padilla began by developing a mailer concept that would appeal to contact center managers who are tasked with creating a better customer experience every day. Because their goal is eliminating frustration and roadblocks during the customer service journey, our concept would tie to the theme a “Customer Experience Survival Guide.” This fun mailer would provide a road map for reducing customer frustration, and small, quirky gift items to grab the recipient’s attention.


The campaign was launched with the physical mailer that held a printed Customer Experience Survival Guide booklet and survival gear emblazoned with the VHT logo. The mailer encouraged recipients to visit a digital landing page for additional resources which also helped the campaign gather leads. Padilla supported the campaign by placing complementary editorial coverage in media outlets that echoed the educational language of the Survival Guide. After the mailers were distributed, VHT leveraged its sales team to reach out directly to prospects to determine interest in meetings and demos.


With both physical and digital touchpoints and targeted messaging, VHT was able to gain the attention of top prospects, make meaningful connections and promote the VHT brand. As part of a larger lead generation campaign, this program was successful in setting the foundation for the sales team to create meaningful connection and move customers through the sales pipeline.