Tyco Retail Solutions


Through a combination of product development and acquisition, Tyco Retail Solutions has established itself as one of the most comprehensive providers of loss prevention, store performance and inventory visibility solutions in the retail industry.


Despite a broad portfolio, the company found it difficult to articulate its differentiated and integrated solution – one that would represent the true business value that Tyco brought to customers. This was compounded by the fact that marketing content was being developed across the company by a range of departments and teams with no single reference point for consistency and efficiency.


Using our Engaging for Action™ strategic planning methodology, Padilla helped Tyco develop a comprehensive messaging and positioning playbook that presented all of the company’s offerings under a common solutions architecture.


The playbook provides guidance for the company’s buyer personas and clarifies the value derived from each of the company’s product lines. From there, Padilla helped develop foundational marketing communication content on the web and for capabilities brochures, print and online ads, product overviews and other sales tools.


Driving to a customer-centric positioning platform has helped Tyco develop more compelling marketing and sales content in a way that’s more efficient, consistent and focused on demonstrating the company’s unique value to the retail industry.