With millions of baby boomers retiring every year, financial institutions are jockeying for a share of the nest egg business. So Transamerica entered a crowded field when it launched SecurePathâ„ , a subsidiary dedicated to helping people navigate both the financial and life transitions that come with retirement.


The market for retirement income advisors and advice is very crowded. Transamerica knew it needed a differentiated campaign to capture public attention for SecurePath.


The insurance giant turned to Padilla, which swiftly engineered a strategy that included a national study of consumer emotions, attitudes and intrinsic behavior related to retirement.


The survey yielded a few major revelations. Rather than feeling uncertain about the future, for instance, most baby boomers believe they can easily adapt to the lifestyle changes that accompany advancing age. But while boomers might be emotionally equipped to deal with retirement, the SecurePath-sponsored research provided a reality check on the financial front. These findings provided sought-after content for a number of boomer-focused media.


The survey’s findings made headlines across the nation, including stories in SmartMoney Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, National Underwriter and The Christian Science Monitor. The survey garnered 40 million media impressions for SecurePath, quickly establishing its expertise in the retirement income space.