Sound Agriculture


Sound Agriculture’s mission is to help farmers tackle some of today’s biggest farming challenges more sustainably. The company’s first product, SOURCE, works to activate beneficial microbes at the root zone, reducing a farmer’s reliance on fertilizer. With the saturation of overhyped products and shortcut solutions in the agriculture industry, farmers are often skeptical of new products with no track record of success. On top of that, farmers tend to be loyal to the brands they have known and have been using for years. Sound Agriculture came on the scene looking to credibly break through with a new approach to agriculture products.


Padilla worked with Sound Agriculture to launch SOURCE for the 2020 growing season. We unearthed insights from grower research that informed compelling messaging, helped us ramp up the digital experience, and laid the groundwork for a multichannel communication campaign to introduce SOURCE to the agriculture world. The program helped farmers understand that while SOURCE sounded like magic, it was shown to work through real science.



Following the launch, traffic on Sound Agriculture’s website increased by 245% compared to the previous year. Media coverage helped spread awareness of the brand and product, generating over 133 million impressions. And most importantly, SOURCE sold out for the 2020 growing season.