RTI Surgical


RTI Surgical is a leading provider of biologic, metal and synthetic implants for spine, sports and orthopedic markets. When the company decided to offer a cutting edge cellular allogeneic bone graft, the question was clear: how do you educate surgeons and promote the benefits of a new category of bone graft?


Padilla got right to work on the answer. Through meetings with product marketing, Padilla identified existing challenges in the marketplace and core attributes of the offerings.


As we developed verbal messaging and visual design concepts we wanted to go directly to the decision-makers for feedback and preferences. We knew reaching spine surgeons was challenging and in-person focus groups were impossible. Instead we decided to go digital and create a virtual focus group that would give us “face” time with decision makers wherever they were working.


Our panel of distinguished spine surgeons gathered for an online, interactive focus group to share their insights and preferences on the messaging and visual concepts for print ads, digital landing pages and product packaging. This instant feedback and the resulting discussions helped hone in on the ideal messages and visuals that would best resonate with our targeted spine surgeons. Using this feedback we finalized design concepts and laid out a portfolio of materials to support the launch.


The final brand identity was developed and executed for packaging; fact sheets were created; and a microsite, print ads, trade show booth panels and other materials were also produced. Padilla then applied the design across materials for internal informational kickoff meetings. The launch continued with full-scale print, digital, event and publicity activities. The campaign was a success with positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and surgeons. The quality of the materials and the language used resonated with decision makers and helped RTI Surgical successfully kick off product distribution.