Rockwell Automation


Engineers are creators. Their curiosity and critical-thinking skills are the source of products large and small – from the latest Oreo cookie flavor to the newest Ford Escape. So it’s no surprise that, when buying manufacturing technology, the average engineer is more than halfway through the purchasing process before even engaging a supplier. This concerns industrial suppliers like Rockwell Automation, who must break through earlier in the traditional sales process to move its products.


This trend was only bound to increase as a younger and more digital-savvy generation of engineers enters the manufacturing workforce.


To reach these elusive buyers earlier in the process in ways that would resonate with younger buyers, Rockwell Automation partnered with Padilla to develop a social media campaign focused on driving awareness and early interest.


Padilla worked with Rockwell Automation to execute, measure and optimize a program designed to reach and engage with the client’s key audiences. A continuous cadence of content was customized for each social channel using a consistent voice, strong call-to-action and engaging graphics. Monthly measurement reports allowed us to optimize content based on audience engagement and share best practices with global content developers. By identifying trending topics, such as Manufacturing Day and the “Mannequin Challenge,” we developed fun, shareable content that highlighted Rockwell Automation’s brand and culture. Additionally, we developed and executed 12 paid campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to support key campaigns.


The campaign enabled Rockwell Automation to increase incoming traffic to the company’s website via social media by more than 500 percent, far surpassing an already aggressive goal. The company’s followers on social media jumped by an average of 25 percent, and engagement rose an average of almost 20 percent.