Rockwell Automation


Amid its Connected Enterprise marketing initiative – a program designed to create a compelling business case for its digital innovations – Rockwell Automation wasn’t receiving the level of anticipated interest the company had hoped for.


Research following the launch revealed that target audiences were confused about whether and how to build a Connected Enterprise. In response, the company asked Padilla to develop an integrated campaign with new, in-depth print and digital content to answer those “how to” questions and build interest for connecting today’s factory.


Education on the benefits of a Connected Enterprise was needed to answer some of these “how to’s” and “whether or not’s.” Padilla developed actionable content and messaging for engineers, operations and IT professionals. Content served to address concerns around connecting factory floors with IoT technology, and was distributed using owned and paid channels.


Educational content paired with a yearlong advertising campaign, including a branded microsite with IndustryWeek, largely increased the eyes on important Connected Enterprise webpages. A pay-per-click campaign used key content pieces as fulfillment, driving to optimized landing pages. The 2016 Automation Fair event, hosted by Rockwell Automation, served as a platform to discuss topics with important industry media, including how to secure, build and deliver value from a Connected Enterprise; how to train a workforce to achieve that goal; and the specific technologies available to leverage.


Awareness of how to build a Connected Enterprise increased exponentially, as website content downloads increased by 93 percent over the previous year. Coverage volume grew by 70 percent over the previous year, subsequently moving Rockwell Automation’s share of voice into the top two among competitors.