When McKesson Medical Surgical relocated its headquarters to a new facility in 2015, the company hoped the move would serve as a catalyst for a cultural transformation.


To help with this relocation and transformation, McKesson turned to Padilla to develop a strategic communication program that would engage employees throughout the journey.


Padilla worked with McKesson to create a program, that would:


Under the theme “Landmark on the Move,” Padilla created and executed a comprehensive employee engagement campaign that included the launch of a move-specific intranet site; special events, including town halls and culture-building activities such as an art installation and scavenger hunt; ongoing employee communication and collateral; and much more.


With this campaign, intranet traffic increased 286 percent, with the move site generating nearly 60 percent of all traffic. Events were well-attended and positively received by a cross-section of employees. Leadership and employees alike have embraced the new workplace guidelines – which serve as the foundation for McKesson facilities nationwide – positively impacting morale and culture. McKesson has become an example for the Richmond business community and other companies going through similar changes.