Industrial IP Advantage


Manufacturers need to harness real-time operational data so they can make faster and smarter business decisions. Yet a major obstacle stands in the way: the digital divide between decision makers on the factory floor and those on the enterprise side of the business. To overcome it, three major players in the industrial manufacturing space – Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation – formed a coalition. They enlisted Padilla to implement a global, multichannel, thought leadership campaign that would help engineers and IT professionals bridge the digital divide.


Beginning with research to reveal the technical and cultural issues confronting industrial network convergence, we realized that an intense focus on a common objective – the success of the business – could overcome resistance and galvanize broad-based support for change.


Leveraging the research findings, Padilla helped launch a coalition called Industrial IP Advantage. The ground-up campaign involved branding, message development, content generation and marketing communication. Messaging focused on how manufacturers can build more successful businesses by deploying a secure, holistic, digital-communication fabric based on standard Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP).


The highly successful campaign involved developing a website in just six months, featuring more than 100 new content assets. With engaging infographics, videos, blogs and technical articles, the coalition exceeded its website traffic goals by 50 percent and its training course registrations by 200 percent – helping raise global consciousness about how manufacturers can bridge the digital divide in industrial operations.