Fuzion Analytics


Fuzion Analytics’ sought to launch its long-term care insurance management software platform to a targeted group of U.S. insurance carriers. But, as a spin-off from another business, the company first needed to establish a brand identity and messaging, as well as all other materials the company would need to officially introduce itself at the industry’s most important trade show.


Armed with similar experience, the Padilla team knew that a polished and professional brand would be critical to establishing Fuzion’s credibility.


Padilla tackled a wide range of challenges including naming the company, creating a brand identity and messaging, developing marketing collateral, designing a website and trade show booth, and officially launching the company at an industry trade show. We also worked with key insurance media to publicize Fuzion’s debut.


The result was a strong identity for the new company, clear messaging and meetings with participants from Fuzion’s targeted insurance companies to discuss future business partnerships. At the end of the day, the market accepted this up-and-comer, and Fuzion is pursuing solid opportunities to build its business.