Crisis Response


When a health care client received a call from ABC’s “Prime Time Live” about a lawsuit – a patient claiming she had received poor medical advice about breastfeeding from medical staff resulting in severe mental damage for her son – they tapped Padilla to help them manage the crisis communication response and shield their brand.


But during the research and preparation process, Padilla was able to raise doubt in the mind of the “Prime Time Live” producer about the story.


Medical records that the patient refused to divulge  would prove that the organization’s medical advice was correct, and that the patient was not telling “Prime Time Live” the whole story. Transparency was the key and we wanted the producer to know all the facts.


The story aired on “Prime Time Live” with the same patient but a much different story angle. The healthcare organization (our client) was not even mentioned in the report. The situation highlights the power of relationship building and working with broadcast news producers to get the accurate facts.