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Reporters Share Advice for Successful Storytelling

With COVID-19, social justice, diversity, and inclusion (D&I), and other hot topics governing coverage across trade and mainstream media, what are editors, reporters, and media gatekeepers looking…
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Fact-Checking Tips When Live, On-Air

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a live broadcast of an international radio news program. Guests and hosts alike arrived to the venue for the three-hour live discussion with stacks of stories…
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3 Tips for Building Relationships with Freelancers

The traditional media landscape has decreased over the last few years and the trend shows no signs of slowing. In 2015, the number of journalists in the newspaper industry declined 38 percent, leaving…
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How to attract media attention for your brand at a conference

From consumer electronics to kitchen and bath to international housewares and Medical World Americas, it’s the top of a new year and that means a tidal wave of conferences, annual meetings, trade sh…
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3 ways PR pros can help journalists

Working in a 24/7 news world brings many opportunities for public relations practitioners looking to place stories and journalists looking to tell their stories. However, the race to be the first to t…
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Managing media relationships: balancing PR team roles

A recent article in Forbes emphasized five things a PR team should consider when evaluating PR success. Beyond crunching numbers, the article calls out relationship-building as the most important. Ind…
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