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Tap These 5 Media Relations Trends In 2020

To kick off the new year, tap these top five trends from Padilla’s media relations experts to make your communication plans more effective all year long. 1) Listen up: We’re all ears for audio cha…
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The State of Trust in Journalism: Guarded but Improving

Trust is like air to communicators and journalists. We live it and breathe it because we know that without it, nothing we do or say matters. Without trust, we can never hope to win hearts and minds. W…
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Turn, Turn, Turn Toward a Changing News Media Landscape

As another year closes, I’ve got “Turn! Turn! Turn!” on the brain. The Byrds’ 60s classic is still relevant; for communicators, it’s been quite the season to “turn” within the rapid chan…
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Prepare Now for Fake News Firestorms

“Fake news” heightens the confusion in our cluttered media landscape. If you get caught up in a fake news firestorm, that confusion becomes a serious challenge for your brand and business. Most U.…
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It’s Not About You – Effective Storytelling Tips from Former Journalists

With nearly five PR people for every reporter (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics), journalists are getting more and more inundated from organizations pushing their story ideas. One national reporter shared…
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You, Too, Can be a Media Relations Jedi

How would Luke Skywalker handle a media relations challenge, I found myself wondering. (With confidence and exquisite skill, I’m sure.) Once a Star Wars fanatic, always one. As a media relations cou…
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