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Are We There Yet? A Look at Progress and Workplace Equity on International Women’s Day

I didn’t expect to land in a profession where I would be surrounded by so many female leaders, mentors and colleagues. My career path was originally pointed in a very different direction — one…
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See You Later, Annual Planning – It Was Nice Knowing You

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the last few years, it’s that even the best-laid plans can become completely irrelevant in the blink of an eye. How many trips, conferences, campaigns and…
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Shaking the ‘Bad Guy’ Label

Eat this, not that. Love it or leave it. Swipe right. Every day, we’re besieged with messages telling us how to discern the good from the bad. When it comes to natural resources, the categorization…
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Trading Seed Caps for Stocking Caps. What Do Farmers Do in the Winter?

Flickr User Wendell Did you ever wonder what farmers do after they’ve parked the tractor in the shed at the end of a busy growing season? When the fields are bare and the animals are in the barn, yo…
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