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Five External Pressures Facing MedTech and Their Impact on Marketing Strategies

Last month, I attended the 2016 conference for AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technologies Association). Five key external pressures for the medtech industry emerged. What are they and what do they mean to…
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Full Speed Ahead: Medical Device Trends through 2017

Medical devices: where the speed of innovation meets the molasses of FDA approval!  Despite that fact, the medical device health care sector consistently brings science and invention to life.  2016…
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It IS What You Say, AND How You Say It: Four Tips for Providers Communicating With Male Patients

It’s the gender twist to the old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” When it comes to health, men* often are cast in the role of the horse, with “water” b…
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Healthcare and the Economics of Innovation

In a 2011 Harvard Business Review article author, Uri Neren (@urineren), postulates that the single greatest factor required for successful innovation is scarcity. In fact, organizational processes h…
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The Biggest Healthcare Trend in 2016 and Its Impact on Three Other Trends

The Biggest Healthcare Trend in 2016 and Its Impact on Three Other Trends Consumer is the Word…it’s got groove, it’s got meaning. The big trend in 2016 (and potentially a contender for a future…
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What’s New at the SHSMD Conference and What it Means for Hospitals

Next week more than 1,000 healthcare marketing, public relations, communications and strategic planning professionals will convene in Washington, DC for the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Marke…
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