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It’s Not Dead: Influencer Marketing is Mainstream Now

My colleague, Ali Skahan, attended Social Media Week back in May and shared that one of the key takeaways was that influencer marketing has become block and tackle for many brands. I can vouch for thi…
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How the ’Gram Can Rev Up Your Social Media Marketing

Instagram continues to take social media by storm. In the U.S., there are more than 100 million users — that’s 32 percent of Americans. According to Instagram, 80 percent of accounts follow a busi…
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It’s Time to Reinvent Travel Loyalty Programs

The long-anticipated announcement of Southwest Airlines’ new service to Hawaii and the recent launch of Marriott’s Bonvoy has travel brand loyalty on my mind. A handful of the airline’s newest f…
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Travel Deal Tuesday: The New Post-Thanksgiving Sale

Black Friday. Check. Cyber Monday. Check. Travel [Deal] Tuesday. What? Yep, you read that right. While most brands are pulling out all the stops to generate sales the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiv…
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Don’t Let Skip-Gen Travelers Skip Over Your Brand

It seems like multi-generational travel has been around, well, forever. We may have called it by a different name, but don’t you remember those family trips growing up where your grandparents tagged…
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Weathering the Effects of a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and more. Words we never want to hear, but know all too well, it’s not if but rather when because natural disasters are inevitable. The U.S. has had its fa…
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