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Why Executive Positioning on Social Media Is a 2022 Communications Imperative

We all know our favorite brands and businesses — what they offer, what they stand for and how they project themselves to the world. But do we know the person leading that company? In some cases, no.…
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Why Workplace Management Software Should Talk Purpose Over Product – Especially Post COVID

COVID-19 and the rapid and widespread shift to distributed work teams created an incredible moment for workplace management software – and the interest in this space continues to grow. As the new hy…
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3 Takeaways From The Viral TikTok Brand Moment of Emily Zugay

A tale of TikTok marketing strategy… Recently, TikTok creator Emily Zugay pretty much broke the internet by critiquing and redesigning iconic brand logos such as Starbucks, Apple and H&R Block,…
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Journalist Burnout and Its Effect on Public Relations

There have been a number of alarming stories lately about the burnout rate among journalists. While many of these stories focus on the physical and mental toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on journal…
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Why Social Capitalism Is Future of Business & Brand Health

Trust in institutions is at an all-time low. While businesses tend to fare better than Governments, NGOs and Media, their trust, too, is incredibly fragile. Enter social capitalism. This fragility ste…
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D&I Initiatives: How To Determine When To Issue An Update

May 25, 2020 — the day George Floyd was killed — sparked an unprecedented level of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Business, universities, healthcare organizations and more used the #…
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