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The Pain of B2B Marketing & Communications

Twenty-five years ago, I was in my first year as a young, institutional bond trader. My aspiration? Make the big bucks like many of the firm’s elders around me were doing. Like it or not, it was the…
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Getting Down to the Brass Tactics

My last post about connection strategy sparked a healthy discussion recently among some of my colleagues. On one side were the strategists and creatives, who vehemently voiced that the “what” in m…
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Don’t Let Great Content Fall on Deaf Ears: Know Your Connection Strategy

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw In today’s buyer-controlled world, the most compelling, engaging, insight-drive…
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On Purpose: Barnes & Noble College’s Cynthia Zimmer on the Role of Brand

The Buzz Bin’s “On Purpose” feature explores the thinking behind the strategies and tactics top marketers employ in pursuit of business goals. When it comes to B2B communications, brand market…
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Engagement? Try Exasperation.

A few Sundays ago I reached the tipping point. It started out as a typical Sunday afternoon. My two sons, inspired by the previous night’s bedtime story of the Avengers, transformed into Iron Man an…
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