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How Brands Can Support Pride All Year

The start of summer, the kickoff of festival season, and the start of the women’s World Cup – needless to say, June was a busy month and in the blink of an eye, it’s somehow already over. June w…
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Winter is Here: How Brands are Leveraging Game of Thrones on Social

As we wrap up April and head into May, the warm weather may feel like spring, but it hasn’t stopped Winter from coming – and with it comes brand bandwagon-ing. With over 10 million viewers, Game o…
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AOC & The Changing Role of Social Media in Politics

Social media has changed the way we think about ourselves, our lives, our peers and our brands. Now, we’re seeing it seep into the American political landscape more than ever before. If you’re lik…
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Go Big or Go Home – How Halloween Marketing Can Impact Your Bottom Line

As we head into November with visions of candy corns dancing in our heads, there are a few key concepts to take away from brands who “showed up” for Halloween this year, specifically on social med…
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Everlane, Glossier, Away: What Millennial Brands are Doing Right

You may not have heard of them, but Millennials can’t get them out of their heads. Brands like Everlane, Glossier and Away are companies that sell different products to a similar target audience, an…
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World Emoji Day – Why We Can’t Get Enough of Yellow Smiley Faces

The 5th annual World Emoji Day took place on Tuesday July 17th, and may have been the reason your coworkers, friends, parents, or favorite brands included an extra yellow smiley or two in their messag…
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